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FitnWellFootwear          Pedors Australia

Fitnwell Footwear are Carlene Gabriel and Steve Masters.

Carlene has a background of foot problems and many years of assisting her mother

trying to locate comfortable, supportive, practical Orthopaedic Footwear. The thought was if they were having difficulty finding quality Orthopaedic Footwear in Melbourne, then how would people who are in Nursing Homes in Melbourne with minimal mobility going to have their Orthopaedic or Comfort Footwear needs met!

Research showed family members often either make multiple trips to the local mall or the recipient would often quietly put up with ill fitting shoes not wanting to bother anyone. Fall Prevention is so important with the elderly, the suggestion has been made that Fall Prevention Footwear can play a major role in helping a vulnerable individual stay on their feet.

Together Carlene and Steve decided they'd like to make a positive contribution to improving the quality of life of some of our most precious members of society.

Our Research eventually led us to Pedors Shoes. Not only are they one of the top brands in Orthopaedic Footwear in the U.S.A. They also happen to be extremely professional, helpful, community minded and just the type of Company we are more than happy to be associated with.

Carlene has a background in Sales, Export and Management. Steve has a background in Aviation, Transportation and Customer Service. Quite the mix but when you put it altogether you have two intelligent, ethical people who absolutely believe in Pedors

and their place in the Australian Market.

Pedors Shoes are the original seamless pedoprene orthopaedic depth stretch shoe

solution for problem feet. Available in full and half sizes and in up to six widths in some models, Pedors Shoes provide an off the shelf solution available in over 80 different sizes in one line alone! The Pedors concept is based on accommodating the most demanding foot with a comfort shoe solution. All Pedors Shoes incorporate a stretch concept to varying degrees. Pedors Shoes are fitted to patients with bunions, corns, hammertoes, and other forefoot abnormalities. Pedors Shoes have a seamless neoprene forefoot which is of particular importance for diabetics. Due to the nature of the way neoprene stretches Pedors are often worn by people with arthritis and sufferers of Edema. Pedors are very light weight with a non slip sole, many falls prevention features have been built into the shoes. All Pedors Shoes come with a removable insole that is 30mm in depth to allow for custom inserts or Orthotics.

Pedors shoes are machine washable (approved for commercial washing machines) and each pair comes with their own washbag.

Pedors are a market leader in the U.S.A and around the world. We're extremely proud to be offering Pedors Shoes in the Australian marketplace.

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